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11-Month-Old Baby With Injuries Outside Home (Video)

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A Pennsylvania father discovered his 11-month-old son outside next to a garbage bin after the mother of the child allegedly beat him, a new video shows.

The mother, identified as Dalishia Salter, 22, is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a criminal complaint reports.

Police say they were called to a Wilkinsburg home where they found a child with head and facial injuries just after 1 a.m., according to World Star Hip Hop.

The child’s father, David Bryant Jr., contacted police, saying Salter had hurt the baby.

“He asked how the baby got the injuries and she seemed not to know at that time. She did not give him any information,” Wilkinsburg Police Chief Ophella Coleman told CBS Pittsburgh.

According to the complaint, Salter told police that Bryant pushed a flatscreen TV off a bedroom dresser and it struck the child, who was taken to Children’s Hospital to be treated for bruising and bleeding wounds.

The criminal complaint said doctors found “the child had a tear inside his mouth from an object being shoved with great force,” as well as some possible internal injuries.

Hospital officials said they found that “the child had suffered from multiple injuries over a period of time, because you could see various forms of healing on the child’s face and head.”

The injuries, “were not consistent with just falling or bumping into things.”

Despite the video below, Bryant is also being charged in the case. A preliminary hearing for Salter is set for Sept. 25, reports.

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I had to take a moment and post this here. I’m not sure who has seen this video/read about the story but it really hurts my heart. I’m guess the father was receiving texts from his sons mother before he arrived at her house.  Well the video recorded him searching outside of her house by the trash cans and he found his son in a carrier with bruises and bleeding. He starts crying instantly and knocking on her door. I guess he kicks the door in and starts saying to the mother “You hit my son what’s wrong with you are you crazy?!?!?” She eventually replies “I don’t care, I told you to get him…I don’t care I’ll f’n kill him too”. He records everything I guess he starts throwing stuff around her house and while she’s yelling get out of my house u can hear them going back and forth with words. WELL now the police have believed HER and there’s a warrant out for HIS arrest. He did NOTHING but kick the door in and threw a few things around and threw her wig in the toilet. Please sign this petition if you have a heart.






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It’s better to be hurt than to hurt others. Which is why you are going through all of this.

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Tokyo Ghoul + Episode Titles


↳Kaneki Ken + First and Last Appearance

Rather than a person who hurts others, become the person who gets hurt.
Rather than a person who hurts others, become the person who gets hurt.

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